All rentals require: Valid Drivers License, Rental Agreement and Certificate of Insurance.

ARRIFLEX 416 Plus Super 16mm

Super 16 Format, PL-mount, Running Speed: 1 to 75 fps (can ramp speed while filming), 3x 400' Magazine, On-Off Handgrip and Shoulder Mount, IVS Video Tap, 5" On-Board Monitor, 6.5" Wireless Monitor (accepts Gold Mount or V Mount batteries) 2x 24v Arri On-Board Battery, 1x Battery Charger, Arri 15mm/19mm Rail System, Arri Light Weight Quick-Release Base Plate, 12" Dovetail, , 12" Dovetail, Arri Low Mode Top Plate, Film Changing Bag, Angeniux 17.5-70mm f2.2 Zoom Lens This camera only accepts 400 ft rolls. Film stock not included.(16mm film available through Kodak. 1.800.621.FILM and usually arrives in 2 days.) 4x4 filters available upon request.

Price : $400 day $1600 week

Sony Fs7 Kit #1

FS7 body, MetaBones Lens Adapter, Batteries x4 (Sony BP-U30 x1, Swit 5-8U93 x3), Memory Cards (Sony DCQD 64gb x4) Shape Base Plate w/ Rods, Shape Handle Extension, Mic Mount, Card Readers x2. Allen Keys x3, Battery Charger w/Cord, Power Adapter w/Cord, Remote, Polarizer, Viewfinder

Price : $280 day $1240 week

Sony Fs7 Kit #2

FS7 body, Metabones EF to E Mount Speedbooster, Batteries x4 (Sony BP-U30 x1, Swit 5-8U93 x2, Swit 5-8U63 x1), Memory Cards (Sony XQD 128gb x2, Sony XQD 64gb x2) Shape Base Plate w/ Rods, Shape Arm Extension, Mic Mount, Card Reader, Battery Charger w/Cord, Power Adapter w/Cord, Remote, Polarizer, Viewfinder

Price : $280 day $1120 week

Canon C300 Kit

C300 body, 24-70mm lens, monitor unit, handle unit, 2-stage matte box, eyebrow, 2x15mm Rods, plate, 4x4 polarizer, UV Filter, 3x battery, power supply/charger, card reader, 4x16GB CF Card SD Extreme, 2x32GB CF Card SD Extreme, RODE mic, Pelican Wheeled Case

Price : $315 day $1260 week

Sony A7s Kit w/ Atomos Shogun

A7s body, SmallRig Cage w/Nato Rail & Cable Clamp, Pentax K to Sony E-mount Adapter (attached), Watson Dual-slot Charger, FW50 Plate for Watson Charger (2), Sony L-Series Plate for Watson Charger (2), Power Cable for Watson Charger, Wasabi Power Charger (with FW50 battery plate), Sony BC-TRW Battery Charger, 12V DC Car Charger for Wasabi Power Charger 6-inch Extension Cord (2), Core SWX XP-L90A Gold Mount Battery Core SWX Sony FW50 Dummy Battery to D-Tap Coiled Cable, Wasabi Power FW50 Battery (3), Sony FW50 Battery (3), Duracell Procell AA Batteries (4), 3ft Canare SDI Cable w/ 90-degree Adapter, 3ft HDMI to MicroHDMI Cable, 1.5ft HDMI to MicroHDMI Cable, 15ft Male to Female XLR Cable, 3ft XLR Female to 1/4in Stereo Cable, 3ft XLR Male to 1/4in Stereo Cable, 1/4in to 3.5mm Stereo Adapter (2), 6ft 3.5mm Stereo Male to Male Cable, 5ft 3.5mm Stereo Male to RCA Cable, Transcend 5-in-1 USB3 Card Reader (with Mini USB3 Cable), Transcend 5-in-1 USB2 Card Reader (with Mini USB2 Cable), Tiffen 72mm Variable ND (in case), 72mm – 49mm Step-down Ring (attached to ND filter), 72mm – 67mm Step-down Ring (in ND case), 55mm – 77mm Step-down Rings (4 rings), 49mm Rubber Lens Hood, K-Mount Body Cap, E-Mount Body Cap (2), E-Mount Rear Cap, 55mm Lens Cap, 49mm Lens Cap, Pentax K to Sony E-mount Adapter, Tiffen 55mm Circular Polarizer (in case), 49mm-55mm Step-Up Ring (in Pola case), DGK Color Tools Black, Grey, and White Card Pelican SD Card Case (contains below items), SanDisk Ultra 64GB SD Card (2), SanDisk Extreme 64GB SD Card, SanDisk Extreme 16GB SD Card, 2GB Micro SD Card in Micro SD to SD Adapter, Atomos Shogun, SanDisk 480GB SSD in Atomos Drive Caddy (4), 10-inch Tough Friction Arm, Atomos D-Tap Dummy Battery, D-Tap to D-Tap Power Cable, Wasabi, Power NP-F970 Battery (2), Atomos NP-F750 Battery, DC Adapter for Atomos Shogun 12V DC, Lemo to XLR breakout cable, SATA to USB 3 SSD docking station, Atomos Sunshade, SmallRig Plastic Bag with Misc Hardware and Allen Keys 1⁄4-20 Screw (6), 1⁄4-20 to Hotshoe Adapter, Small Rocket Air Blower, Full-Frame Sensor Cleaning Swab (9)

Price : $80 day $320 week

Sony PXW-X70 4K

Sony PXW-X70 4k (2160p), 4 64gig SD cards, Rode NTG-1 Shotgun Mic, 62mm rubber lens shade, 62mm polarizer, Wide angle conversion lens 0.7x w/ UV filter, 2 batteries, battery charger, A/C adapter, 15mm rods shoulder rig, rain hood, french flag, soft carry case, users manual

Price : $60 day $240 week

Canon 7D

7D body, 17-55mm lens, 2x battery, power supply/charger, 1x16GB CF Card SD Extreme, intervalometer, carry bag

Price : $50 day $200 week

Sony Ex3

SxS cards (8Gb, 32Gb, 32Gb), batteries x4, charger,, wide angle conversion lens, RGB cable, rain cover

Price : $150 day $600 week

GoPro Kit

GoPro HERO3+, 2x64GB microSD Card, 2x microSD Card adapter, 3x battery, battery charger, car power adapter, USB cable, polarizer, 131’ housing, vertical quick release buckle, 3-way pivot arm, remote, remote charger cable, head & chest mount, Pelican case

Price : $30 day $120 week