Camera Support

All rentals require: Valid Drivers License, Rental Agreement and Certificate of Insurance

DJI Ronin

DJI Ronin, DJI Ronin custom travel case, DJI 824380 3400mAh Ronin series intelligent battery, 2x DJI type A quick release mount, accessories pouch, lens support mount with mounting screw, 2x 1/4in base plate mounting screw, 2x 3/8in base plate mounting screw, 3x hex drivers (various sizes), Asia region figure 8 power lead, R-001 Ronin camera base plate, Ronin 2pc floor stand with wing knob, Ronin series battery charger, 2x US region figure 8 power lead, international power adapters (1 European, 1 Australian), USB to Micro USB cable, 2x 3pc 15mm rods (3 x 3 inches), Ronin TX remote control, Ronin handbar & handles

Price : $120 day $480 week

MicroDolly Jib

Price : $175 day $680 week

Manfrotto Heavy Duty Spider Dolly

Price : $30 day $120 week

Skateboard Dolly w/ 10' PVC Track

Price : $20 day $80 week

Sachtler FSB6 with Mittelspinne 75 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Price : $50 day $200 week

Sachtler FSB6 with TT 75/2 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Price : $50 day $200 week

Sachtler FSB6 with Aluminum Tripod

Price : $50 day $200 week

Manfrotto Video Tripod Head

Price : $20 day $80 week

Shape Shoulder Rig & Belt

Includes Manfrotto quick camera release plate.

Price : $50 day $200 week

Shoulder Rig

Price : $15 day $60 week

Camtree G-51 Camera Suction Car Mount

CamTree Gripper G51, 3x suctions cups, 3x rods : 3in, 6x rods : 6in, 1x camera Hub, 3x sank for Gripper cups, 3x knobs, soft case

Price : $30 day $120 week