Welcome to The CineHub in Beacon, NY

Founded in 2013, The CineHub was designed by filmmakers to foster an intentional community of local creatives by providing a resource center catering to film and video professionals and others in the world of digital media.

With many of us moving out of NYC to the Hudson Valley, we found ourselves lacking the equipment, shooting spaces, peer to peer networking, and other resources that we were accustomed to having close at hand.  When we found the 4,000 square foot facility located in Beacon, NY, conveniently located just 2 blocks from the Metro North station, the idea of The CineHub started coming together.  

In a town thriving on creativity, we are here to serve our community by providing a resource for our peers where ideas for visual storytelling can take root and blossom.  We are made up of independent producers, creative directors, editors, audio technicians, shooters, graphic animators, and others in the world of visual arts and we love being part of the dialogue within this growing community of creators. 

We are a hub for all your production needs offering video equipment rental, a production studio suitable to both video and photo shoots, comfortable private workspace, and endless possibilities where you can collaborate with your peers. 

We hope that you will consider The CineHub your go to place for the resources you need to succeed. 

“I’ve been editing out of The CineHub since mid-May, and it’s been fantastic. I transitioned out of my home office, and I’m happier and more productive working here. The space is conducive to working independently, but feeling like you’re part of a collaborative- and everyone supports each other’s efforts. With the burgeoning film/video industry in the Hudson Valley, I feel like I’m in the right place to expand my business and continue to grow as an editor and filmmaker."
Michael Arginsky
"One of the challenges of being a cinematographer based in Beacon is finding access to crew and gear. On a recent large set up I realized we needed 3 more c-stands. Instead of a mad rush to Manhattan they were just 5 minutes away. But The CineHub is more than just shared resources, it provides a collegian atmosphere where we can trade ideas and support each other creatively as well as technically."
Rob Featherstone
“In a business where competition can be fierce, it’s exciting to find a space where that is put aside. The CineHub is a space for professional growth through the sharing of knowledge between colleagues. It gives me the space I need to sit and focus on my work while affording the opportunity to contribute to the work of others.”
Jason Latorre
“In a world where communication is becoming more and more digital and impersonal, it feels great working at a place where you can simply look across the hall and have a real interaction with someone face to face, share struggles, experiences and at times work together to create something very rewarding.”
Oscar Rivas
1st Look Films
“The CineHub offers an atmosphere that will fuel anyone’s imagination. Everyone supports one another, and not a day goes by where I don’t learn something new. Whenever I need inspiration or creative direction, I think to myself, “I should probably spend some time at The CineHub today.”
Casey Silvestri
assistant editor