Flanders Scientific FSI CM171 17" HD/SDI

Field Monitor w/o batteries, 1x 25ft BNC cables, 1x 10ft BNC, 1 Barrel, 1 splitter, USB-Ethernet Cable, AC Plug, in a soft case with builtin hood, and a hard flight case. Can be Anton Bauer/Gold Mount battery operated. (available for rental)

Price : $90 day $360 week

Odyssey 7Q HD/SDI/HDMI

Odyssey 7Q, 256 GB SSD, 1x Monitor hood, 3x Batteries, Charging Dock, AC power cord, 2 BNC cables (2ft&5ft), Cinearm, 1x Splitter, 2x Barrel, 2ft Mini HDMI cable, 2ft HDMI cable, HDMI-Mini HDMI adaptor, Microcloth, in a travel case.

Price : $75 day $300 week

Atomos Shogun

Atomos Shogun, SanDisk 480GB SSD in Atomos Drive Caddy (4), 10-inch Tough Friction Arm, Atomos D-Tap Dummy Battery, D-Tap to D-Tap Power Cable, Wasabi, Power NP-F970 Battery (2), Atomos NP-F750 Battery, DC Adapter for Atomos Shogun 12V DC, Lemo to XLR breakout cable, SATA to USB 3 SSD docking station, Atomos Sunshade, SmallRig Plastic Bag with Misc Hardware and Allen Keys 1⁄4-20 Screw (6), 1⁄4-20 to Hotshoe Adapter, Small Rocket Air Blower, Full-Frame Sensor Cleaning Swab (9)

Marshall M-CT7 Wireless Director Monitor

6x Batteries, wireless transmitter receiver, misc cables & connectors, in a travel bag.

Price : $90 day $360 week

Black Magic Video Assist

2 batteries, 64 gig EXTREMEPRO sd card, BNC adaptor, AC adaptor, HDMI Adaptor, Articulated Arm

Price : $25 day $100 week

Panasonic 7" HD/SDI Monitor Kit

Monitor, BNC cables x3 (3ft, 10ft, 15ft) Power Adapter, BNC Adapter, BNC connectors (L connector, T connector, Barrel connector,) Baby Pin 3/8 Thread, Stand, Carry Bag

Price : $60 day $240 week

Sony BVM 8045Q - SD 8" Field Monitor

3ft BNC, Power Cord & porta brace bag

Price : $40 day $160 week